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Video of the Day: Blur Studio Delivers Cinematics for “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”



Blur Studio recently worked with 343 Industries to revitalize and retell some of the most iconic moments from the “Halo” video game franchise for the anniversary release of “Halo: The Master Chief Collection.” The cinematics tell the story of the game’s hero, the Master Chief. Blur was brought in to refresh over 40 characters and almost an hour’s worth of cinematic sequences from “Halo 2: Anniversary.”

“When we began this project, we immediately knew Blur was the ideal partner to help us make these 10-year old cinematics jaw-dropping for the modern era. We are thrilled with the work Blur has accomplished,” said Dan Ayoub, studio head of external development for 343 Industries.

One of the biggest challenges from the outset was finding the best approach to creating a feature film-scale production under a tight timeline. Blur developed custom tools and staffed the project with nearly 160 top-level artists to meet production demands.

For this project, Blur and 343 Industries set out to show how far the state of the art has evolved since the release of “Halo 2” 10 years ago. Blur enriched the experience with highly realistic characters, stunning visual effects, deeper emotion and action and evocative storytelling. The process started with extensive concept design of close to 40 characters and almost as many environments.

“The talent here at Blur is really special, and this project allowed us to showcase our ability to deliver longer format work, tell bigger stories and basically create an animated feature in six months,” explained Franck Balson, who directed the project at Blur.

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