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Quixote Studios Breaks Ground on New Stages in New Orleans


Hollywood-based studio services company, Quixote Studios announced that it recently began construction of four state-of-the-art sound stages in New Orleans, La.

This first phase, consisting of two new stages, is scheduled to open in early 2013, less than a five-minute drive from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, in St. Rose, St. Charles Parish. These stages will measure 21,000 square feet, with a height to grid of 32 feet, and 9,000 square feet, with a height to grid of 20 feet, respectively.  Phase two stages are currently scheduled for launch in early 2014 and will include two 30,000 square foot stages, production offices, mill, FX and other supporting facilities. The new Quixote stages will join the company’s year-old Studio Store in New Orleans.

“We are extremely excited to take this step into the great city of New Orleans,” Mikel Elliott, CEO of Quixote Studios said. “We are confident in the continued growth of the entertainment industry in this vibrant and iconic city. With so many high-profile film and television projects coming into the city, Quixote will provide Hollywood-style experience and expertise in the Big Easy. Their location in the expansive and welcoming area of St. Rose, and close proximity to the international airport, should be particularly attractive to future film and television projects.”

With historic locations and an attractive tax credit program, the state of Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular, has seen numerous film and television projects come to the city, with over 100 projects filmed in 2010 alone. Most recently, both the big budget G.I. Joe: Retaliation, starring Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, and director Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, starring Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, have been filmed in the city.

“The film industry in Louisiana accounted for an estimated $800 million in production dollars spent in 2010,” said Elliott. “With better facilities and services provided by Quixote, we feel certain that number will continue to grow.”

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