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The Vitec Group Acquires Paralinx


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Paralinx Triton
Paralinx Triton
The Vitec Group has acquired Paralinx, a California-based manufacturer of high-quality wireless video systems. Paralinx will join Teradek and SmallHD in Vitec Videocom’s Creative Solutions business unit.

Paralinx was founded by Dan Kanes and Greg Smokler, two members of the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) who sought to develop a new generation of affordable, professional high-definition wireless video tools.

“Like Teradek and SmallHD, Paralinx is another great example of the pioneering spirit that is so important to disrupting the professional video industry with game-changing products,” said Vitec Videocom CEO Matt Danilowicz. “By combining Paralinx’s deep understanding of the market with Teradek’s engineering acumen, both companies are positioned to develop truly cutting-edge technology tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.”

To address the growing demand for wireless video devices, Paralinx will continue to develop technologies in the UAV and independent content creator spaces, while Teradek will focus on cinema and television applications.

“When we launched Paralinx in 2012, our mission was simple: to enable filmmakers to monitor wirelessly a camera’s HD recording in real time,” said Kanes. “We sought to bring a new level of freedom to video production, an essential link in digital cinematography.”

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