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Timecode Systems Launches Integrated Workflow Solution for ARRI Alexa Cameras


Timecode Systems Limited today announced its :pulse mini base station product can now be used to enable wireless remote control, metadata editing, and other enhanced workflow functionality for ARRI Alexa cameras, via the MovieSlate 8.5 iOS app. By allowing a seamless exchange of data between the three products, this integration gives film crews complete control over metadata management and camera controls remotely, from a screen on their iPad or iPhone.

“Virtual reality is dominating the headlines from the broadcast industry shows this year, and competition from streaming is probably giving broadcasters the most sleepless nights. But at an operational level, amongst the crews on the ground, there are two smaller sub-trends emerging that are having a massive impact on day-to-day filming — data management and remote device control,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “We’re expecting these two subjects to dominate many conversations on our stand at IBC2016. Fortunately, we’re armed with solutions, including this new integration between the :pulse, ARRI Alexa cameras, and the MovieSlate app.”

To set up this combined workflow, a bespoke Timecode Systems sync cable connects the :pulse to the ARRI Alexa camera. Once this link is established, the integral Wi-Fi link of the :pulse can be used to open the MovieSlate app on an iPhone or iPad. From the app, users can remotely control the camera, including starting and stopping recording, setting production information, and adjusting settings such as FPS, white balance, and ISO. At the same time, metadata is shared to the app’s shot log history to produce detailed and dedicated camera reports.

“A well-thought-through, integrated workflow can reduce timescales and costs by making information easier to access and giving production teams more control,” said Scurrell. “This is exactly what this solution delivers — more accurate data that’s easier to access, delivering enhanced efficiency and greater control. This is a great feature for film crews who are under ever more pressure to save as much time and effort as possible.”

The MovieSlate 8.5 application runs on iOS 8, 9, or 10. To unlock the full capability of the integration, an in-app purchase of the MovieSlate 8.5 Camera Sync Pro feature is required.

More information is available at www.timecodesystems.com.

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