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Video Equipment Rentals Acquires DPS


Video Equipment Rentals (VER) announced that it has acquired the business of production services company DPS. In a sale ordered by the bankruptcy court, VER acquired more than half of the company’s lighting and film equipment, nearly all of its audio, video, and rigging equipment, its 70,000-square-foot facility near Burbank, Calif. and retained nearly half of the company’s employees.

The company is already consolidating its lighting division at DPS’s former location. The new VER “Light Lab” is being expanded to enable clients to design, test and prep systems in real time, supported by the VER engineering team.

VER plans to invest to enhance the unique facility, which includes a 60′ wide by 62′ deep hanging structure that can support up to 144,000 lbs. of gear so lighting designers and technicians can easily and accurately prep a full lighting system.

“Our current pre-viz suite is often double booked so this new facility will include multiple full service, off-line programming suites offering pre-viz services and modeling,” explained Susan Tesh, executive director of VER lighting. “Combined with the grid, capable of a 33′ trim, this facility will meet all of our clients’ needs.”

Paul Kobelja, former DPS VP of cinema, Bobby Finley III, former VP of DPS cinema tech, and Loren Esposito, have joined the VER TV and cinema production team under the leadership of Fred Waldman.

“Over the years these three cinema professionals have developed a specialty in the integration of media technology for filmed entertainment. This combined team of experts will no doubt lead the industry in servicing TV and cinema clients,” said Waldman.

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