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Vinten Unveils Hexagon Track System


LR-BR 9072 tre quarti_1200x800Vinten introduced the Hexagon System at NAB this week – a new robotic dolly system that integrates the Vinten Control System (VRC) with Tecnopoint dolly systems.

“The Hexagon system adds a robust solution to Videocom’s existing line-up of robotic camera movement solutions and is ideal for expanding our addressable market and fulfilling a growing requirement from our customers,” said Karen Walker, VP, product management of Vinten Robotics. “We are very excited about the partnership with Tecnopoint as the combination of our technologies adds value to our solutions, and we look forward to distributing the product across our global sales network.”

The Vinten Hexagon system features fast setup and easy assembly with no cables outside of the track, making it ideal for both news studios and outside broadcast rental setups, such as concerts and sporting events.

Current users of the Vinten Control System are able to integrate the Hexagon System as an alternative to robotic pedestals or cranes.

The Hexagon Dolly’s motorized column and robotic head natively interfaces to the Vinten control protocol and hence can be fully managed from the Vinten control system. With a height of only 30mm (1.18”) from the ground, the low profile of the Hexagon System minimizes the risk of tripping. Featuring four traction wheels with dual synchronized motors, it offers high traction operation with virtually no slipping. It also provides an optional positioning belt for AR and VR. The track position can be accurately measured and sent to a graphics engine so that the system can be used in an Augmented/Virtual Reality environment.

“With the changing requirements in the broadcast market, we recognized the growing market demand for camera robotics and the Hexagon Robotic Dolly System fulfills that demand,” said Tamas Vass, broadcast market manager for Vinten.

The Hexagon Track System can accommodate up to two dollies on one track with collision avoidance as well as options for either high-speed/low payload or low-speed/high payload.

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