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Wally Pfister to Headline Kodak Focus at Los Angeles Film Festival


Director-cinematographer Wally Pfister

Director-cinematographer Wally Pfister, ASC, BSC will headline the annual Kodak Focus program at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival. The intimate conversation will spotlight Pfister’s artistic and technical accomplishments by screening scenes from three of his films – Insomnia, Laurel Canyon and Inception. Kodak Focus takes place at 1 p.m., June 23 at the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live. The seminar is free with a festival ticket.

Pfister won an Oscar for his cinematography on Inception, and is currently prepping for his feature film directorial debut. His work on the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in July. Pfister’s long-time collaborations with director Christopher Nolan has garnered him an additional three Oscar nominations for The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Batman Begins. Other notable film credits of Pfister’s include Moneyball, The Italian Job and Memento, as well as shooting and directing many prominent commercials.

“Wally Pfister’s stunning and innovative cinematography on so many iconic films thrills audiences and inspires filmmakers,” said Kodak’s Judy Doherty. “We are excited to have him share his inspirations and visionary approach to his work with LAFF filmmakers and cinephiles.”

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