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Cinedeck Releases Version 2.5 Software


The new Cinedeck EX v2.5 release focuses on usability and performance improvements.
Cinedeck LLC, developer of mobile capture systems for motion picture and broadcast production, announced enhancements to its portable, multi-format, recording, monitoring and playback system with the release of Cinedeck EX v2.5.

Available for immediate download, the new Cinedeck v2.5 software delivers a range of customer-requested features that support a better operational experience for Cinedeck users. These include a new and enhanced playback engine, expanded timecode operations, upgraded audio metering displays, and a new Windows-based, desktop remote controller for multiple Cinedeck EX systems.

Cinedeck EX enables any camera with an HD-SDI or HDMI output to record to a choice of finishing standards used in editorial and VFX postproduction, including all flavors of Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, CineForm, plus uncompressed 4:4:4 and uncompressed 4:2:2 recording.

Chief among the enhancements of the Cinedeck v2.5 release is a new playback engine, which has been completely rewritten. The new engine enables users to take advantage of Cinedeck Controller – a free Windows-based desktop application, which provides basic deck control of the Cinedeck EX. Cinedeck Controller, which comes bundled with the new software release, allows users to remotely control up to 24 Cinedeck units, browse a list of clips recorded in the current scene folder, and control recording and playback on multiple units independently or simultaneously.

Among the many expanded timecode operations, Cinedeck v2.5 adds support for Adrienne Electronic’s LTC devices, including the use of Adrienne’s mini USB timecode reader. Cinedeck EX already supports Ambient Recording timecode systems.

Redesigned audio meters now show audio in dBFS (full scale) from -60dB to 0dB, with levels displayed in an array of colors making them easier to read in the field. Along with a range of general playback fixes, other enhancements include new edge detection displays, with edges in red, rather than black, to increase legibility.

“Users already enjoy the experience of using, and interacting with, Cinedeck EX, and their feedback has resulted in the new Cinedeck EX v2.5 software version containing a host of enhanced features,” said Cinedeck CEO Alan Hoff. “These new features focus on usability and performance improvements to optimize the fundamental operation of Cinedeck EX where it matters most – in production.”

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