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First Entertainment Credit Union and Entertainment Partners Sponsor MPTF’s Health Wheels Program


The MPTF's Health Wheels trailer.
The MPTF’s Health Wheels trailer.
First Entertainment Credit Union and Entertainment Partners have joined forces to promote the health and wellness of entertainment industry members by supporting the MPTF Health Wheels program, according to Bob Beitcher, president and CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Mark Goldstein, EP’s CEO and Charles Bruen, First Entertainment’s president/CEO, share our vision of providing high-quality and accessible medical care to our industry workers on studio lots around Southern California,” Beitcher said. “With their organization’s generous multi-year underwriting support, we will be able to carry on this truly successful program that has already served more than 2,000 members of our entertainment community.”

“Since 1967, we’ve been helping employees in the industry stay financially healthy,” said First Entertainment’s Bruen. “So supporting the physical health and wellness of the people in our unique industry seemed to be a perfect fit for us.”

“EP cares about wellness and supporting our community so this is a project we are extremely proud to sponsor,” said Goldstein. “By bringing quality health care directly to studio workers, Health Wheels is the type of solution that can have a real and meaningful impact.”

Health Wheels currently visits six studio locations serving studio and back-lot employees. The vehicle is the mobile extension of MPTF’s six Los Angeles area health centers that provide medical care to eligible entertainment industry workers and their families through a 40-physician medical group and a network of more than 500 specialists. Overall, the MPTF cares for more than 60,000 patients each year.

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