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3cP Set+Post System is Updated to Version 5


Gamma & Density announced the launch of version 5 of its popular 3cP on-set/off-set color correction system for DPs/DITs and postproduction. The new version offers RED Epic support, Tangent Wave control surface support, automatic multiple LUT generation, and connection to the iPad-based 3cP / Image Control System.

3cP Set+Post has been used on over 150 studio films and television shows, and independent productions, commercials and music videos all over the world. Version 5 includes a variety of new and improved tools for data management, color correction and pre-visualization. Color-corrected dailies created by 3cP Set + Post can be targeted for viewing on many devices – including the Apple iPad and iPhone – and can be produced in Apple ProRes and Avid formats.

The mobile version of the 3cP system – 3cP / Image Control Pro – is now available in the Apple App store. 3cP / Image Control Pro can work as stand alone application by transferring frames directly from your camera’s SD memory card or via USB using the iPad Camera Connection Kit. The company’s Image Ruler utility enables users of 3cP / Image Control Pro to evaluate exposure and color values and actually see the changes to the images. It can then translate those changes into terms understood by everyone in production and postproduction.

3cP/ Image Control Pro in combination with 3cP Set+Post allows users to produce dailies and to work with a variety of new on-set workflows, including Arri Alexa, RED, Sony and others, as well as color correct multiple HD-SDI video streams in real time.

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