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Alkemy X Announces New Hires


Craig Brasen
Craig Brasen
New York-based Alkemy X has hired editor Craig Brasen along with executive producer Leah Garner Orsini and VP of business development Sara Iversen.

Brasen comes to Alkemy X from Go Robot where he spent nine years working on projects for brands such as T. Rowe Price, UPS, NASCAR, AT&T and IBM.

“I like having directors, VFX artists, senior colorists, original content and branded entertainment experts all under one roof,” Brasen said. ”It makes for a stronger team, and enables us to deliver really big things for our clients.”

Leah Garner Orsini
Leah Garner Orsini
“I feel a great vibe here,” Garner Orsini said. “Everyone here is very personable and loves what they do, which is always refreshing to be part of.” An experienced industry veteran, she has worked in visual effects and live-action production for 10 years. Her career has included stints at MTV in New York, Sugar Film Productions and Reel FX in Dallas and Zoic Studios in Los Angeles. After moving to New York in 2012, she started at Method working on Kill Your Darlings, and then spent two years at Framestore before joining Alkemy X.

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