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ASSIMILATE to Demo Remote DI Session at SCRATCH User Group Meeting


LR-Assimilate Logo-emailLR-Assimilate LogoASSIMLATE announced that its SCRATCH User Group Meeting at IBC 2013 will feature a live preview of SCRATCH V8, with artists in four locations – Amsterdam, Miami, Los Angeles and Mumbai – all color-grading, compositing and finishing simultaneously on the same project. The artists will each contribute to the project in real-time and will share resources via a cloud-based central repository, while the source media will reside on only one of the systems.

The SCRATCH User Group meeting is scheduled for Sept. 14, 6 p.m. at Dutch post house AVP. Attendees will also be treated to an Argentinian BBQ.

“Our recent innovations in SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab rental and subscription licensing have enjoyed overwhelming popularity because they removed the cost and update barriers for artists and embraced the evolving dynamics of today’s freelance DI, VFX and dailies workforce,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing at ASSIMILATE. “SCRATCH V8 will again raise the bar as it blows away another significant barrier: location and proximity. SCRATCH and Lab artists will now be able to collaborate freely with others – within the same facility, across town, or halfway around the world – as easily as they can make a Skype call. We believe this is the beginning of a new era of productivity and creativity for our artists.”

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