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Axle Projectr Delivers Immediate Team Review of Video Projects


Axle Video has introduced Axle Projectr, a system to allow instantaneous review of in-process projects saved in a non-linear editor. Projectr is based on the company’s core browser-based Axle 2015 system. Upon saving work in process, editors can bypass time-consuming rendering or consolidation steps to share the composition and receive immediate feedback from producers or clients from any Mac, PC or iPad web browser.

“Axle’s new Projectr system is a major step forward for editorial teams who need projects turned around quickly,” said Fabien Musty, head of technology for Videolab, a team of consultants that offers workflow expertise and support and is an early user of Projectr. “We recently implemented the system at ICF Mostra, a corporate communication company serving EU institutions, and have seen a big improvement in the ability of editors, reporters and producers to collaborate quickly to get quality footage on air.”

While a number of systems allow review of projects or sequences that have first been saved and then rendered out to media files, the rendering step often adds many minutes or even hours of delay to the review time. This is particularly true of long-form material such as TV shows and movies, with longer running times and which tend to include complex effects and titles that take longer to render.

Axle already had Gear for media asset management (MAM) to support Adobe Anywhere for video, a collaborative editorial workflow platform. Axle Gear includes automated media tracking, proxy generation, remote browsing and review and approval for Adobe Anywhere users. Projectr is the second generation of its offering with Anywhere and adds the unique feature of instantaneous review.

“Axle’s Projectr system is exactly the kind of innovation that customers want to complement our Adobe Anywhere collaboration solution,” said Bill Roberts, senior director of product management for video at Adobe. “We believe that creative teams in the broadcast, news and film industries will become much more productive by harnessing this type of instant feedback and collaborative workflow.”

Axle Projectr is available as software-only for $8,995 or as a complete integrated system including rackmount hardware for $14,995. The system includes a browser-based media management server for five users as well as a full integration with the Adobe Anywhere. Additional five-user license packages for the system are priced at $3,995.

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