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Company 3 Launches New On-Air Promotions and Trailers Division


Company 3, a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group announced the opening of a new division that will provide promotions, trailers, titles, animation and effects design work for television networks. The division will utilize Deluxe’s extensive networked infrastructure to connect artists in New York and Los Angeles facilities.

Company 3 On-Air Promotions and Trailers is already working with CBS and Mark Burnett on an elaborate trailer project to highlight the upcoming season of Survivor.

“With the incredible team we’re assembling and the resources we have in place, we can offer the highest level of artistic quality and technical efficiency for all types of promotional campaigns,” said Stefan Sonnenfeld, president and founder of Company 3.

The new division’s design group offers extensive expertise in branding and rebranding show titles and packages, including experts in editorial, mixing and sound design.

Among the first to join the team are Robert Mape, who spent the past four years as senior editor of the television division at Trailer Park, Hollywood, and Steve Beal, who headed New York-based shop, Bionic. In addition, a number of key Bionic personnel have signed on to round out the division’s creative, technical and support staff.

Mape has overseen major launches for Nickelodeon and identity packages for the Kids Choice Awards. “I’m very excited to be involved with this new offering at Company 3,” said Mape. “I can now collaborate with clients on either coast or anywhere in-between through virtual sessions. I’m now truly working in an office without walls – and that’s an excellent benefit for me and for our clients.”

The highly-respected veteran producer/editor Beal has been responsible for several successful design and promotional campaigns for Nickelodeon, MTV, the USA Network and A&E.

“We’re very excited about this new offering,” said Sonnenfeld. “It’s a great complement to our existing offering, including the promo services our group provides at RIOT in Atlanta.”

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