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Cospective Launches Frankie 2.1


LR-Custom Branded_review_Chrome copyCospective announced that a new version of its video review tool, Frankie, is now available. Frankie 2.1 offers several new features, including zooming and panning and custom branding in the review interface, while doubling storage to 20 GB. The system allows ad agencies and production facilities to review short-form video work internally and with clients, where everyone can collaborate, regardless of locations or time zones.

“These powerful new zoom and pan features have taken Frankie to a new level,” said Jeremy Pollard, Frankie product manager. “Having the option to zoom into very specific objects that need to be discussed will be a boon to project managers. Being able to isolate any component of an image will focus the long-distance conversations that they have with their team and clients.”

Frankie is a browser-based review and approval system that provides interactive, collaborative video review from any location. Frankie 2.1 allows team members to initiate a review at their convenience and save their marked-up video, including session notes that are saved as a PDF, for reference or sharing. Videos are uploaded and reviews are initiated by sending a URL to other collaborators. Users access Frankie through their browser and can play or pause content, make notes and sketch their ideas directly on the video image. With Frankie 2.1, users can now zoom in for greater detail, or pan across an image to isolate critical components for review.

“We use Frankie during our meetings with project managers and off-site animators to discuss production feedback,” said Stacey Saliba, production manager at the People’s Republic of Animation, an animation facility in Australia that creates stylized character animation for game developers, publishers and advertising agencies. “Our video review process involves as many as five people in different locations, simultaneously viewing and discussing works-in-progress. The PDF note summary is very useful for our teams. It’s a great document for everyone to have and use when referring back to specific meeting notes. Our clients love them.”

In addition to the new features, the trial period for Frankie 2.1 has been extended to 21 days and includes a helpful sample review containing a Frankie intro video.

“Frankie is love at first sight for most people, but the longer trial period gives new users a little more time to properly take it for a test drive,” said Pollard. “You can tell right away how easy it is to use Frankie, but having a little more time allows teams to see its impact on their work – and in particular, how Frankie saves them valuable time and money.”

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