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Detroit’s RingSide Creative Installs Three New Pablo Rio Systems


Michigan-based integrated media studio RingSide Creative has purchased three Quantel Pablo Rio systems to speed throughout and enhance creativity of its online color correction and finishing.

“Intuitive is an overused word in the post world, but with Pablo Rio it is the truth,” said Rick Unger senior colorist at RingSide Creative. “Consider that Pablo Rio has all its tools on one page; color, titling, effects and a full blown editor that can even handle floating clips on the GUI, as well as the timeline. Speed is Pablo Rio’s strong point, playing out a 4K sequence with layers of color grading in real time. Working in a wide variety of resolutions on the timeline is easy with Pablo Rio. Color grading to a project that was conformed in Quantel is a huge plus.”

RingSide Creative is predominantly a commercial post house, offering a comprehensive collection of post services and talent to local and international clients including Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet.

“We have two Pablo Rios that focus on color correction of spots, web videos and independent films, and a third Pablo Rio, which is dedicated to our finish group,” explained Jeff Fleck, senior editor at RingSide. “All three systems, along with our Quantel iQ, collect data and work together seamlessly to share responsibilities on a wide range of projects. Quantel has always built high quality solutions, which have adjusted appropriately to meet changing technical demands. We feel that their transition to a Windows-based system has provided great flexibility to deal with what has become a very open ‘free-for-all’ software driven post environment.”

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