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DFT to Launch New Wetgate Technology for Its Scanity HDR Scanner


LR-Scanity-HDR--1-emailLR-Scanity-HDR-1Film scanner manufacturer DFT will launch a new wetgate system for its latest Scanity HDR film scanner at NAB 2015. The new wetgate enables users to ingest challenging historical film elements, and deal with issues like dust and scratches. The system is ideal for archive owners who need to handle a range of problematic and historically-aged film issues.

“We’ve responded to the needs of the archiving market by evolving our technology to address its requirements, first with the Scanity HDR – announced at NAB 2014 – and again by developing our new Wetgate technology,” said Simon Carter, DFT sales director. “By enabling many of the issues associated with historically-aged film to be addressed at the scanning stage, our customers have less work to do downstream, saving time and money.”

Due to safety issues, the system on the show floor at NAB will be using water instead of perchloroethylene.

The company will also be demonstrating the latest Scanity software release. Scanity HDR now offers a host of new user-friendly features that serve a variety of film scanning applications, including film archive scanning for mass digitization, EDL/conform scanning, low-resolution browsing for archive and restoration, short-form commercials and 4K UHD ready digital intermediate scanning.

DFT counts major archives worldwide among its customers, among them the National Library of Norway (NBR), National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and The Slovak Film Institute (SFÚ), the Film Institute Netherlands (EYE), National Audio-visual Archive of Finland (KAVA) and the Royal Thai Archive.

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