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Dick-Clark Productions Screening Room Partners with Riverbed Post to offer 4K Post and Screening Services


LR-screening1Dick Clark Productions Screening Room (DCPSR) and Riverbed Post announced that they are now co-located at Lantana to jointly provide a range of services for feature film postproduction and presentation. Clients can use DCPSR’s 21-seat theater and associated rooms, as well as its new Christie CP-4220 4K Digital Cinema projector for screenings. Riverbed’s Chris Woods manages dailies processing, VFX, title design and production, color-grading, and mastering with DaVinci.

DCPSR and Riverbed Post started working together on an ad hoc basis last June, when Woods moved his equipment to DCPSR. Before the equipment was even in the building, DCPSR manager David Garonzik had booked sessions for The Revenant and Point Break. Within 24 hours, visual effects and editorial screenings on The Revenant, Point Break, and later, The Huntsman Winter’s War, as well as post work for several independent features, were underway. That initial level of demand led them to expand the relationship.

Woods noted that the co-location provides an opportunity for major studio productions and their filmmakers to “stress test” complex visual effects sequences in numerous ways. The work can be screened in 2K or 4K aided by a colorist with deep VFX experience. This real-time, temporary digital intermediate work allows the filmmakers, including the VFX department, to optimize the final VFX imagery and saves time with the VFX vendors, and the final digital intermediate.

“It was always a positive, productive and professionally run experience,” said Rich McBride, VFX supervisor on The Revenant. “I also appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and comfort in the 2K reviews.”

“On Point Break, we used the Dick Clark Productions Screening Room with Chris Woods on the DaVinci there, and it was great,” said VFX supervisor, John Nelson. “We got quality and precision for a fraction of what we might have spent elsewhere. It was also a short five minute walk from our cutting room so we even got some exercise.”

Postproduction services include digital intermediates, final color correction, main and end title design and production, visual effects, mastering and workflow services.

DCPSR recently installed a new Christie CP-4220 4K digital projector as well as a GDC 4K digital cinema server. The room features a 17′ X 8′ screen and 7.1 Dolby surround sound. Amenities include a lounge, meeting rooms and food service.

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