Dolby Uses Baselight X for Grading and Finishing

LR-BaselightX_frontFilmLight announced that Dolby has taken delivery of one of the first Baselight X systems. Baselight X will be used in the Dolby Vision mastering suite in the company’s Burbank facility. The system combines six processing GPUs plus a seventh GPU for the user interface and real-time waveform monitors and vectorscopes. It provides real-time playback and processing, across multiple layers with complex grades, effects and matte channels.

Baselight X also incorporates a large, ultra high-speed storage system that connects directly to the internal image processing components, addressing Dolby’s requirement to play 4k 4096 x 3112 16bit film scans and cache the results to disk at the same time.

Dolby has four Baselight suites in its R&D departments and upgraded an existing Baselight Eight system to the enhanced Baselight X version. This gives Dolby’s colorists real-time control over high-resolution, high-bit depth HDR grading and finishing.

Baselight X has already been purchased by two other clients in the U.S. and will be showcased at NAB2016.