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Encore Extends TV Post/VFX Presence to Santa Clarita Studios


Nearly half of all permitted location activity in Los Angeles County occurs in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Encore, a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, announced yesterday the company’s new presence at the Santa Clarita Studios located northwest of Hollywood. Encore will provide front-end dailies and VFX work for shows shot at the stages or anywhere in the vicinity. The setup will house dailies colorists, data experts, a VFX producer and a team of VFX artists.

“Encore has worked with Santa Clarita Studios’ president Mike DeLorenzo for years,” said Bill Romeo, senior vice president of television for Deluxe. “We’ve provided postproduction services to many of the shows that shoot and edit at his studio. Today, we make it even easier for any show based in the region to also handle their dailies and VFX needs on site too. Clients can work with their dailies colorist or their VFX supervisors and artists right there within the same complex they use for their production and editorial work.”

“This expansion of our VFX shop to Santa Clarita Studios offers the perfect synergy between a full-service studio and an on-site VFX department,” said Tom Kendall, VP and executive producer of VFX. “It’s a very forward thinking way to make our clients’ lives easier.”

“With Encore’s new presence,” said DeLorenzo. “I can now offer my clients a vastly enhanced offering of services that includes dailies and VFX.”

Current productions set to use the new Encore presence include CBS Television’s Vegas – which will make extensive use of Encore’s VFX experts for massive set extensions and other services – and ABC Family’s Switched at Birth.

“The operation is fully networked to our facilities in Hollywood, New York and Vancouver and can be scaled to accommodate each production’s unique needs,” Romeo said. “It’s just another example of Encore moving beyond the traditional facility model and taking its services to the client.”

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