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Entertainment Technology Expo Set for Nov. 6-7 in Burbank


Entertainment Technology Expo
Entertainment Technology Expo
The 13th Annual Entertainment Technology Expo (ETE), an exposition for content creators across all fields, is set for Nov. 6-7 at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank. Sponsored by Createasphere, ETE features technology demonstrations from more than 50 software and hardware developers, as well as a lineup of ETE workshops and master classes, panel discussions and speakers featuring some of the best and brightest minds from all corners of the entertainment world.

“Entertainment Technology Expo brings together the best solutions to the challenges faced by content creators today,” Createasphere president Kristin Petrovich Kennedy said. “It’s two days of education, interaction, product launches, workshops, panels and speaker presentations, all in the friendly, hands-on setting that Createasphere has built its reputation on.”

Nov. 6, the event will focus on acquisition, VFX and production. Nov. 7, the focus will shift to workflow and data management, as well as new tech and new talent. Event highlights include a series of intensive sessions on emerging technologies led by representatives of Canon, JVC, Sony, Panasonic and New Blue FX — all free to attendees with an expo pass. American Cinematographer magazine will lead a wide-ranging discussion on the collaboration between cinematographers and producers. The Society of Camera Operators will be back for a fourth year to offer insightful tips and tricks from professionals, under the title “How’d You Get that Shot?!@?!”

LumaForge founder and CEO Neil Smith will lead a panel surveying best practices in 4K production. “ETE is a must for anyone who works in content creation and wants to know what is going on technologically or what new business models are going to emerge in the months and years ahead,” Smith said. “This show has something for everyone: producers, camera operators, postproduction people, editors, visual effects artists and those involved in content delivery.”

A new addition to the event, ETE master class workshops will include more than a dozen sessions across two tracts and four theaters. Developed in response to requests from attendees of past ETE events, these workshops will be led by top working pros and provide hands-on training in such areas as 4K production, on-set dailies processing, color management and time-lapse cinematography. Each session focuses on the latest technologies and industry practices and is designed to provide serious professionals with practical information that they can immediately apply to their work.

“The Entertainment Technology Expo ranks high among professionals,” said Igor Riđanović, colorist and finishing artist, Kappa Studios. “People attend these seminars for a simple reason—they want to get better — and they do because each workshop is conducted in an exciting peer-to-peer environment.”

The exhibition hall will host ongoing demonstrations of new cameras, lenses, lighting, editing systems, color correctors and storage technology, in addition to a raffle with prizes.

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