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Vision3 Expands 3D Resources with SGO’s Mistika


Chris Parks
Chris Parks

London-based post house Vision3 has invested in a Mistika postproduction system from SGO in order to offer feature film clients an advanced 3D postproduction pipeline. The company has built a state-of-the-art DI theater around Mistika integrated with its in-house shot management and workflow systems.

Vision3 specializes in stereo 3D for studio and independent feature films, natural history documentaries, IMAX, special events and commercials.

“Our reason for purchasing a Mistika system is to improve our ability to supervise the stereo on the native, VFX and conversion 3D projects that we work on, particularly studio productions such as Gravity, which I recently finished supervising for Warner Bros.,” said Chris Parks, Vision3’s founding partner and stereo supervisor. “The film is an indication of the sort of high-end projects we will be putting Mistika to work on, doing the stereo 3D format full justice.”

Parks recently served as stereo supervisor for Gravity, overseeing stereo work from Framestore, with additional post conversion sequences at Prime Focus.

“Alfonso Cuarón wanted to ensure 3D remained at the heart of the project from its inception,” Parks said. “Throughout the production process we were able to use 3D in new and innovative ways, to take audiences to a place that they have never been before. In this film, we were really able to utilize 3D to change the audience’s emotions and draw them deep into the experience of the lead characters.”

“Vision3 embracing Mistika makes sense allowing us to better interface with the numerous VFX and DI companies that we work with,” founding partner and post stereographer Angus Cameron said. “It is important that stereo 3D can be handled as efficiently as possible in post, to encourage program makers to embrace the medium. Mistika is an important tool when it comes to making this a reality.”

Other projects Vision3 has worked on include Jack The Giant Slayer, (Warner Bros.), World War Z, (Paramount) and John Carter (Disney).

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