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FilmLight Hires Workflow Consultants


Daniele Siragusano
Daniele Siragusano

FilmLight announced that it has added two postproduction industry veterans to its team. Daniele Siragusano and Ram Krishna Tripathi Samaveda will provide workflow information, consultancy and training to help customers of the Baselight grading environment implement the infrastructure best suited to their specific needs and requirements.

“We’re deploying more experts in the field as we think it’s important to communicate with our customers on a one-to-one basis, how to build an efficient color pipeline with our technology,” explained Wolfgang Lempp, FilmLight co-founder. “When the industry continues to change so rapidly, our unique level of support – and the customer feedback it provides – only becomes more important.”

Siragusano previously spent five years at CinePostproduction in Munich, rising to head of technology before moving to dve Digital Video & Effects as a workflow consultant. Siragusano will help customers achieve the best productivity and creativity in their own unique setups, and assist companies in accommodating FilmLight technology at every stage of production and postproduction.

Daniele Siragusano
Ram Krishna Tripathi Samaveda

Samaveda is an experienced and colorist and editor, currently working towards a doctorate in color perception and management. His role at FilmLight will be product specialist/colorist with a particular focus on the South Asian market. He will provide FilmLight’s clients with training support and implement workflows to take advantage of the collaborative potential of FilmLight’s color grading and management technologies. When not considering color, Samaveda is also a successful composer with half-a-dozen albums reflecting the music of his native Nepal.

“It is great to welcome Daniele and Ram to the team,” said Steve Chapman, co-founder of FilmLight. “They have real, current, in-depth experience of the creative, commercial and technical challenges facing post houses, so they can talk to our customers and prospective customers on their own terms, helping them to get the best out of the most capable technology on the market.”

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