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FilmLight to Introduce Baselight 5.0 at NAB


LR-Baselight with three UI monitors and Blackboard 2FilmLight announced that it will introduce Baselight 5.0, the new version of its high-performance color finishing system, at NAB in Las Vegas in April. With over 50 new features, Baselight 5.0 introduces new ways for colorists and other creative artists to work.

“Colorists today need a good understanding of color science to make the most out of the technology,” explained Wolfgang Lempp, CEO of FilmLight. “With Baselight 5.0, we have developed the most sophisticated yet intuitive grading tool. We have pushed our expertise in the science behind color to the point where our customers’ creativity and productivity is not held back by technical limitations.”

The most notable new concept to improve color grading techniques is Base Grade. To give colorists natural, instinctual access to subtle grading, this creative tool moves away from the traditional lift/gamma/gain approach, to a set of controls which accurately mimic the way the eye appreciates color –  via exposure, temperature and balance. It gives the grading controls a more natural feel and results in smooth, consistent changes.

Baselight 5.0 also provides added HDR capabilities through color space ‘families’ – which simplify the deliverables process for distinct viewing environments such as television, 4K projection and handheld devices – and gamut optimization to provide natural gamut mapping deliverables and avoid clipping when captured colors can’t be displayed on a cinema or television screen.

Baselight 5.0 also offers several tools that are designed to give colorists more creative control and reduce the time spent on round tripping from color grading to other effects and finishing systems.

The new system will also introduce a new approach to remote grading, whereby Baselight workstations in different locations can collaborate. Facilities and freelancers in remote sites can now browse any scene on their own or be locked to the master suite and follow a grading session live. The remote colorist can take over and suggest changes, instantly reflected on the other systems.

Baselight 5.0 will be available for all BLG-enabled systems from FilmLight, including the Daylight dailies and media management platform, as well as Baselight for Avid and Baselight for NUKE in the Baselight Editions range.

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