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FilmLight to Introduce New Upgrades at NAB


FilmLight will introduce the latest hardware configurations for its Baselight color grading system at NAB next week. Baselight ONE will now run on HP Z840 high-performance workstations. The move increases rendering and decode speed while retaining the desktop configuration.

Baselight TWO will now offer multiple GPUs in the same compact form factor. With the increasing use of raw camera acquisition from RED, ARRI, Sony and others, de-bayering is a critical issue and the processing increase in the Baselight TWO gives colorists faster access to high quality raw content and boosts grading power for Ultra-HD, 4k or higher resolutions.

FilmLight Daylight will be released for purchase or rental. Daylight is a dailies platform for shot management and high-performance transcoding between a multitude of input and output formats.

The company will also release version 4.4m1 software for all Baselight platforms, including Daylight. This adds a number of new capabilities, including optical flow re-timing. This enables the colorist to handle variable speed shots, including ramping speed up and down, in either time-versus-time or velocity-versus-time mode, with complete control over speed ramps and keyframes.

FilmLight is also offering flexible ways of owning Baselight Editions and Daylight. Daylight can be bought outright or it can be rented by the production, while both Daylight and Baselight Editions offer a freelancer option to allow the licence to be moved from processor to processor, to follow the individual operator from job to job.

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