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HPA Announces Plans for SMPTE 2014 Symposium, “Making Do With More”


LR-El Capitan3-emailLR-El Capitan3The Hollywood Post Alliance will host the SMPTE Symposium, “Making Do with More” in advance of SMPTE’s 2014 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. The day-long event is scheduled for Oct. 20 at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre. The event will bring together technology experts and leading filmmakers to explore the impact of enriched image and sound technologies on today’s content creators.

The SMPTE 2014 Symposium will include creative sessions with renowned filmmakers, cinematographers, visual effects artists, sound specialists and colorists providing an in-depth discussion of the challenges they face and the opportunities now open to them with new tools to support their vision.

“The Symposium is HPA’s ‘coming out party’ for our partnership with SMPTE and, in typical HPA fashion, we hope to provide a forum for these important industry discussions,” said Leon Silverman, president of the HPA. “Technology, filmmaker options and consumer choices are driving us to learn how the Hollywood professional community can better understand how to evolve our current workflows to meet the demands and characteristics of next generation content and delivery platforms.”

The SMPTE 2014 Symposium is among the first joint efforts by SMPTE and HPA as they move forward with plans for full organizational consolidation by May 2015. In addition to a day of panels and presentations, the symposium will provide an opportunity for networking with representatives from leading companies while exploring the latest technologies.

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