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Illuminate Restores The X-Files for Netflix


LR-image001Los Angeles-based post house Illuminate recently completed a digital restoration of the cult-classic TV series, The X-Files. Retransferred from the camera-original negative, the show’s entire 201 episodes were reassembled in high definition, using the company’s proprietary iConform technology. All nine seasons of The X-Files were then released on Netflix in April.

iConform was used to automatically edit together scanned camera-original negatives using existing reference material, but without the need for an EDL. With the resulting scans, illuminate then applied color correction and other enhancements to generate a new file ready for distribution in today’s viewing standards. The process also involved recreating the visual effects in all 201 episodes.

“We created the iConform technology to give content owners a new and economical way to transform top SD content into beautiful HD and 4K ready-to-go masters,” said the company’s CEO, Jim Hardy. “Illuminate has already used this restoration tool to re-master TV series for major studios and distribution companies such as CBS, Shout! Factory and 21st Century Fox. These restorations include HD versions of many popular TV series, including 24, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Pee-wee’s Playhouse.”

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