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IRIDAS to Launch SpeedGrade NX at NAB


IRIDAS will launch SpeedGrade NX at NAB next week – a new stereo 3D production system built on its DualStream technology. SpeedGrade NX offers refined stereo tools, a breakthrough in support for the latest RAW cameras, increased render speed and improved color management. The system includes a major update to the DualStream stereo toolset, native ARRI ALEXA RAW workflows and beta support for the EPIC camera from RED Digital Cinema.

IRIDAS’ Universal RAW architecture, which supports virtually all RAW cameras used in production today, has been updated to include native support for the ARRI ALEXA V3 color science. V3 RAW files can be reviewed and graded instantly in real time and high fidelity. This is especially important for stereo workflows, where 3K review in render quality previously required lengthy transcoding processes.

In addition to systems from RED and ARRI, IRIDAS continues to support virtually all other RAW-based cameras in the market, including cameras from Phantom, Weisscam, Silicon Imaging, Ikonoskop, Indiecam and others.

IRIDAS’ DualStream Stereo 3D toolset received the Gold Award from the International 3D Society last year. In SpeedGrade NX, the technology has been further refined with improved algorithms for automatic geometric and colorimetric matching. Users now have even more control over how the image is corrected. The floating window can now be adjusted to be diagonal edges for working with complicated edge violations.

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