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Legend3D and SGO Co-Develop 2D-to-3D Conversion System


LR-L3D logoAs part of a co-development partnership with Hollywood stereo VFX company Legend3D, SGO announced that it has integrated its Mistika postproduction system with Legend 3D’s proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion process and digital asset management system.

This co-development resulted in a new “Depth Grade” node in Mistika, which uses data from Legend3D’s conversion process to interactively design the depth of a given scene in real-time. As the conversion data is passed through the Mistika, each 3D scene can be fine-tuned, using Mistika’s stereo optimization features in conjunction with the “Depth Grade” node, eliminating unnecessary artist iterations.

“It is an incredible experience to collaborate with innovative directors that care about how their story is told in 3D,” said Jared Sandrew, Legend3D’s chief creative officer. “With our depth grading process, we are able to dial in the stereo with a filmmaker in the room in real-time resulting in 100% depth approval upon first viewing. This allows us to interactively show multiple versions of a 3D experience in continuity with the filmmaker.”

“This new capability of allowing converted material to be creatively and interactively manipulated in front of the director or stereographer in real time, to achieve the desired creative depth for a given scene, significantly speeds up the entire conversion process,” said Geoff Mills, director of SGO’s global sales and operations.

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