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Legend3D Opens its Doors at Hollywood Center Studios


Archived photo of Harold Lloyd’s Bungalow.
Legend3D has relocated its Los Angeles office to Bungalow A at Hollywood Center Studios. The bungalow, which is located at 1040 North Las Palmas Avenue, has a rich entertainment history, as its first tenant, Harold Lloyd, produced many of his film masterpieces while there.

“We opened doors at Hollywood Center Studios to be closer to our clients and enrich the creative collaboration we have with them by providing more on-the-ground access to our talented team of skilled artists,” said Dr. Barry Sandrew, Legend3D’s founder, chief creative officer (CCO) and chief technology officer (CTO). “Later this year, the bungalow will feature screening rooms, enabling our clients to conveniently view conversion and visual effects work and see, even from a project’s early stages, how our patented conversion process and 3D expertise lead to highest quality results that heighten an audience’s experience.”

Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of Harold Lloyd added, “My grandfather was an early advocate of using 3D technology in the 1920s, and I am overjoyed to see today’s most experienced 3D conversion company call his old bungalow its Hollywood home. I’m confident that Legend3D – who converted to 3D scenes from my grandfather’s most famous silent film, Safety Last – will continue Harold’s legacy by delivering brilliant visual effects to the world of entertainment.”

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