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The Campaign Taps Sixteen19 for Location Dailies


Sixteen19’s Olivier Girard processing dailies for The Campaign on site in New Orleans.
Sixteen19’s Louisiana facility was recently called on to provide dailies and related post services for The Campaign. Starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as two Southerners vying for a seat in congress, the comedy was directed by Jay Roach and executive produced by Jon Poll. Working with a tight shooting schedule, it was critical that digital dailies be processed quickly and efficiently. With execs on location and in LA, the DP and the editorial crew all needed immediate access to the fully color-corrected dailies.

Dailies specialist Kaitlyn Fox and assistant Luke Marlow began work in mid November in a custom dailies suite designed by company director of technology, Brandon Bussinger. “We were expecting two shipments of new footage each day,” Fox said. “The first mags were due to arrive around 2 p.m., the second batch in the evening when the day’s shoot wrapped, and we anticipated two, 6- or 7-hour shifts. As is the case with many comedies, the amount of footage actually delivered far exceeded what was originally projected. DP Jim Denault was shooting with two ARRI Alexa cameras and Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were creating a tremendous amount of improv material,” Fox explained.

A second dailies system and team were deployed by Sixteen19 once it became apparent that the project would be generating such a volume of footage. Sixteen19’s Olivier Girard joined the team directly from another dailies job. “I hit the ground running in early December,” Girard said. “We set up the second dailies system, and on my first day, there were 27 mags ready for transfer! Following an initial marathon, we organized an efficient three-shift tag team, and were ready for whatever came our way.”

Sixteen19 engineer Emery Anderson overseeing dailies for The Campaign in New Orleans.
“At one point we were transferring ARRIRAW, RED and even some iPhone footage, for crowd scenes that needed to look as though they were shot with cell phones,” said Girard. “The director and DP decided to give it a try. Amazingly, that material turned out very well. It was a highly effective creative idea.”

Sixteen19 deployed a redundant backup system enabling the team to make multiple copies of all original material as a secure backup. “We ultimately made three copies of all files for true redundancy. We were turning out deliverables in Avid DNX format for the editorial team and multiple QuickTime screening versions,” Girard added. “We worked with the RAW footage in our Colorfront OSD system, and performed secondary color correction when necessary.

In addition to The Campaign, Sixteen19 also recently handled dailies in Shreveport for The East, director Zal Batmanglij’s upcoming indie thriller staring Patricia Clarkson, Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page. ”Sixteen19’s Brandon Bussinger and Ben Baker were extremely helpful,” said DP Roman Vasyanov. “We were shooting with a pair of ARRI Alexa digital cameras. When we discovered a dropped frame situation, Ben Baker and their Shreveport team resolved it quickly by tracing it back to a cable issue. They were also great with last-minute color changes, and in coming up with fast answers to other technical questions.”

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