Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Light Illusion Announces LightSpace CMS Display Calibration System Integration with Dolby Professional Reference Monitor


UK-based color management specialist Light Illusion announced the integration of its LightSpace CMS color management system with the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor. With this integration, users of the LightSpace CMS can now perform automated calibration of the Dolby monitor, and build custom profiles that can be loaded onto the monitor as 1D and 3D look-up-tables (LUTs).

“In discussion with Dolby we proposed how LightSpace CMS could assist with user calibration and color manipulation of their displays, and it has been extremely enjoyable seeing the results of this discussion directly assist end users,” said Steve Shaw, CEO, Light Illusion. “The ability for color specialists to self-verify calibration when needed should appeal to users of the Dolby monitor, helping ensure high levels of expected display accuracy.”

With custom 3D LUT import capabilities, which allow for the direct application of calibration LUTs via LightSpace CMS, the system delivers a new level of flexibility for users of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor including custom calibration, user created color spaces, and custom LUT manipulation.

In addition, the ability of LightSpace CMS to integrate with a wide range of calibration probes enables users to choose their own calibration workflows, and level of equipment investment.

To help facilitate easy switching between different uploaded user LUT settings there are two 3D LUT slots, and four 1D LUT slots within the Dolby monitor, which the user can quickly toggle between. This allows users to import custom LUTs into these user positions without having to override existing color space selections. Switching between them allows users to quickly adapt the monitor’s setup for various applications.

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