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Light Illusion Releases Free Display Check Version of LightSpace CMS


LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS
U.K.-based color management specialist Light Illusion announced the release of a Free Display Check version of its LightSpace CMS display color management system. The prime application for the free version of LightSpace CMS is to verify any and all displays throughout a postproduction, broadcast or VFX facility, checking that all displays are accurately set up, without any unwanted color issues, and ensuring all footage is reviewed accurately throughout the image pipeline.

With LightSpace DPS and a compatible probe, any user can perform accurate display profiling, measuring the difference between any specified color standard, and the actual colors a given display shows. Being able to quickly verify any display accuracy is a critical capability for image-based workflow. LightSpace DPS works with any display technology and with a large range of measurement probes.

“We have been asked by many production supervisors, DoPs and directors how they can verify that the images they are seeing during any image based workflow are accurate,” said Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion. “With the free display check version of LightSpace CMS it is now a simple process to verify any given display.”

There are three profile modes within the free version of LightSpace DPS: a live measure mode to provide direct feedback on any displayed color; a Quick Profile mode for fast display checking of grey scale, gamma, gamut, RGB separation and balance, and a full characterization mode to run a complete color check.

Using graphs to accurately show the display profile prevents any errors associated with visual verification modes, where single colors may look accurate, but small changes in any color component may cause larger levels of inaccuracy. Adding to the accuracy of LightSpace DPS is the unique RGB Separation graph, which is a key component in quickly understanding the inherent failures of any profiled display.

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