Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Mad Box Post Grows in the Mid Atlantic


Mad Box Post has announced it has expanded and remodeled its offices at 9 West Grace St, in Downtown Richmond’s Art District. The company also announced the addition of two new full-time employees, editor Autumn Dea and postproduction supervisor Casey Wheeler.

Mad Box began renovation on the second floor of the 9 WG Studios building in 2012. Mad Box’s studio expansion now includes three edit suites, including a Da Vinci color-finishing suite, motion graphics work stations, as well as a cyclorama wall studio for insert and visual effects shots. The company’s edit suites use both Final Cut and Premiere, while Mad Box’s motion graphics suites use After Effects and Cinema 4D for all our 3D, graphics and visual effects work. The DaVinci color-finishing suite is run by Mad Box’s co-owner and colorist Matt West.

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