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Margarita Mix Hollywood Adds Color Finishing Suites


LR-studioCaverna_color2FotoKem’s Hollywood-based audio post house Margarita Mix Hollywood has developed a new postproduction finishing workflow with the addition of two new color suites and an upgraded hub for media management. The new process will enable content creators to complete audio and video finishing work simultaneously at a single facility.

The new color suites are integrated with the existing audio bays, utilizing Nucoda Film Master color grading systems to ensure Avid integration and direct connectivity to the ISIS and Avocent network. Through this network, the artists at Margarita Mix will be able to access audio and video elements from multiple terminals at the facility.

As part of the expansion, Margarita Mix has added colorists Troy Smith and Michael Mintz, and online editor Adam St. Clair to its staff.

Margarita Mix clients that utilize ISIS media servers from FotoKem’s Nonlinear Services Division can now tap into the high-speed fiber connection between facilities, eliminating the need for transporting tapes and drives across town. Addressing the frequent need for shot replacement and other creative changes during the finishing process, this direct connection to the client’s servers allows new media to be prepped and incorporated quickly.

A variety of content creators have recently used Margarita Mixes’ augmented capabilities. Their projects include Ridiculousness, Top Gear U.S.A., Life Below Zero, Fantasy Factory, Breaking Pointe, The Glee Project and Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

Dustin Montez, post supervisor for Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory, was one of the first clients to rely on the new color capabilities and expanded services offered by FotoKem and Margarita Mix. “With our space and equipment rented from FotoKem, the streamlining of our services made perfect sense,” he explained. “The fact that the buildings are connected via fiber saves us, literally, hours of time. When there are fixes, everything is instantly sent back and forth. In our business, it ultimately comes down to the people, and we love our team at Margarita Mix – our colorist, sound designer, the engineers, everyone we work with is top notch. The workflow is easy, saving me time and money, and I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Margarita Mix offers four full mixing suites featuring 5.1 surround sound, as well as stations where sound design and pre-lay can take place. The facility’s mixers frequently contribute to animated and reality shows, as well as gaming and long- and short-form projects.

“We knew that combining the power of our network with one-stop audio/video finishing would result in some major advantages in cost and time,” said Rand Gladden, senior vice president of FotoKem. “This is especially a game changer for reality TV productions that may not have previously had access to high-end workflows at an affordable price point.”

“Our clients have been asking for centralized services for years, and now it’s a reality,” added Veneta Butler, general manager of Margarita Mix. “Shots on the editorial ISIS across town can be replaced in minutes during an audio or video finishing session at Margarita Mix, providing incredible efficiencies and the ability to work on every aspect of their projects simultaneously.”

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