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Mark Kudsi Directs Virtual Reality Experience for Patron Tequila


LR-Patron-1Director Mark Kudsi of A White Label S/R Product recently directed “The Art of Patron Virtual Reality Experience” – a unique project that blended virtual reality, drone filmmaking and photo-real CG to show viewers the process of making Patron tequila.

The virtual reality experience is a centerpiece of “Art of Patron” events being held around the country. An interactive, 360 degree web version can be viewed at

Agency Firstborn approached Kudsi to collaborate on the project early in the process. Traveling to the Hacienda Patron distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, the production and agency team investigated elements they could bring to the screen that would dramatically explain the Patron process. Four weeks of R+D, testing and previs was necessary to develop the plan to bring this world to life.

LR-Patron-2“Nothing had been done exactly like this before so the investigative phase was vital,” explained Kudsi. “What was particularly exciting for me was pushing into this new technology because it serves this story. It transports, entertains and provides a deeper understanding of the art and craft of Patron. It’s a window on a world people wouldn’t otherwise experience.”

For the live-action shoot, which accounts for the majority of the footage, a Drone was specially outfitted with seven GoPro cameras to capture the tour in and around the Hacienda distillery. The team designed a way for everyone to view what was being shot in real time, and preview it in an approximated VR space before moving on to the next setup. Binaural 3D audio was also recorded throughout the shoot, so that the sound coming from all directions would ensure a natural experience.

Teams at Firstborn and Legend 3D created photoreal computer generated imagery in order to deliver smooth transitions, which can otherwise be jarring in virtual space, and to take the viewers through areas the camera could not travel, like through a keyhole.

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