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MPC and The Work Partner to Launch Remote Grading Offering in Detroit


LR-3R6A8922-colorMPC announced that it has expanded its remote grading offering to the Midwest through a partnership with Detroit-based creative production and editorial studio The Work.

Creatives in 15 U.S. and European cities now have access to MPC’s roster of colorists based in Los Angeles, New York and London enabling them to collaborate in real-time grading sessions via a dedicated connection to the global MPC network.

“Projects are viewed at the partner sites on a monitor calibrated to match MPC’s on-site monitors, ensuring a uniform grading environment,” explained Amanda Ornelas, MPC LA executive producer of color grading. “With timelines and budgets becoming even more challenging, our remote grading technology offers clients our exceptional global talent without adding cost or time to travel.”

The Work recently teamed up with L.A.-based colorist Derek Hansen to complete the grade for Ford Mustang’s viral “Speed Dating” campaign.

“We are excited for our partnership with MPC and to assist in providing Detroit creative teams access to some of the best colorists around the world,” said Jesse Ford, executive producer of The Work.

The U.S. roster is led by Mark Gethin, U.S. creative director of color grading, with colorists Adrian Seery and James Tillett based in New York, and Derek Hansen and Ricky Gausis based in Los Angeles. MPC’s London team is led by global director of color grading Jean Clement-Soret, with colorists George K, Kai Van Beers, Matthieu Toullet and Richard Fearon.

Existing remote grading sites in the U.S. include Dallas and Austin in partnership with Charlie Uniform Tango, as well as in Denver with Postmodern.

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