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Nice Shoes and Vapor Post Build Digital Bridge with Remote Color


Vapor Post studio in Miami
Vapor Post studio in Miami
New York-based Nice Shoes and Vapor Post have partnered to offer Remote Color to Miami, digitally bridging the distance between the two cities, and giving clients access to color grading without leaving town.

“This business, no matter what city, is relationship-driven,” head of color, Lenny Mastrandrea said. “And we’re really grateful to be partnered with such a well-respected studio.”

The Remote Color suite features a display calibrated by Nice Shoes’ engineers to match exactly with the monitors in New York, and is connected to a secure HD feed. Clients are then able to communicate with Nice Shoes colorists via Skype or other video-conferencing services.

“We always say that Nice Shoes has a strong technical backbone, but with our Remote Services, talent is actually the backbone to technology,” Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino said. “We have competitors out there with similar solutions, but they don’t have colorists like Chris Ryan, Lez Rudge, Lenny Mastrandrea, Ron Sudul or Gene Curley. Pairing them with Jorge Vallejo, Pablo Colella and the other gifted artists at Vapor Post is a huge value to our clients in Miami.”

Since launching in early June, the two companies have completed commercials for Time Warner Cable, Chase, Tide and Colgate.

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