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Pandora Returns to NAB with PSi, PLUTO and PILOT


Pandora International will be introducing three new products at NAB 2011, April 11-14 in Las Vegas. PSi is a new hardware upgrade for Spirit Classic and Shadow telecines that gives users 2K and HD scanning capabilities. PLUTO is a display color management system, and PILOT is a controller for telecines, VTRs and image processors.

“The new products flesh out the Pandora color management workflow,” said Adam Welsh, sales manager for Pandora.

PSi – Breathing new life into old Spirits
The PSi Spirit interface can be installed in any Spirit Classic or Shadow telecine enabling dramatically faster scanning to 2K DPX files. The system provides users with full video monitoring, as well as simultaneous video and file transcoding capability for SD/HD or offline versioning.

PSi can be added to an SD machine, offering an instant upgrade to 2K and HD capability.

“The PSi is a simple add-on that does not require any internal modifications to the Spirit or Shadow,” explained Welsh. “With PSi, scanning speeds for 2K data easily meet, or exceed, the rates that can be achieved for video.”

PLUTO – Precise Color Management
The PLUTO display color management system allows users to manage 1D and 3D LUT’s across multiple displays from a single location. PLUTO can be operated from the local panel or via an ethernet-based remote GUI, including multiple PLUTO-ganged controls.

PLUTO can also be configured to add variable blanking and safe area cursors and will generate profiles for displays. Pricing for PLUTO systems starts at $4,000 USD.

PILOT – Controller for Telecine, VTRs and Image Processors
PILOT is designed to give post houses a professional system controller for telecine, VTR and image processors with reliable edit control and an intuitive GUI. The system controls all the parameters of the machine from a professional high-grade T3 control panel.

“PILOT is a great starting point for many facilities, allowing them to grow with Pandora’s award-winning color correction technology as their business grows,” said Welsh.

Pandora will co-exhibiting with Cintel (booth# SL1716) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 11-14.

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