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Picturemill Creates Special Show Open for Jimmy Kimmel Live!


LR-JK_AUSTINL.A.-based design studio Picturemill recently collaborated with ABC to create a show open that takes Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the road to Austin, Texas. To capture the flavor of the city, street scenes and iconic Austin imagery were integrated into a high energy open that blends storytelling, live action and design.

Following concept design and direction with show director Andy Fisher and show producer Tony Romero, Picturemill’s production team, led by creative director William Lebeda and lifestyle director David Midgen, traveled to Austin to capture some of the city’s most distinctive locations – a Sixth Street, the Capitol Building, the Bat Bridge and the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue – as well as moments that embody Austin’s unique spirit.

Returning to Los Angeles, Picturemill delved deep into postproduction, adding texture, animation and typography throughout the live action footage. The show open was delivered with additional material to be used as a palette for bumpers and interstitials creating a complete thematic treatment for Kimmel’s Austin appearance.

This is the second show open created in collaboration between Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Picturemill. “Having partnered with Picturemill before, we trusted them to execute an ambitious project with rapid fire turn around,” said Romero. “We knew Picturemill would understand what we needed and would deliver in every respect. They did so beautifully, and helped us create anticipation for the Austin experience and infused the open with Jimmy Kimmel Live’s brand image.”

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