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Pixspan Demos 4K Storage Systems Powered by NVIDIA at NAB


LR-PixspanPixspan will demonstrate new storage workflows for full-quality 4K images powered by the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 at NAB 2016.

With the proliferation of 2K, 4K, 6K and HDR in the media and entertainment space, creative workflows must handle increasing amounts of data from the camera to the data center and on to the workstation. But these streams of data threaten to flood today’s storage and network infrastructures with hundreds of terabytes or more for a single feature. Full-resolution 4K video files outstrip typical NAS storage systems and 10Gbps networks.

Pixspan will present a new system that reduces storage requirements by 50-80%. This allows 4K workflows to operate on equipment originally designed for 2K while enabling data access times that are two to four times faster. Pixspan combines its unique software with the processing of the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 GPU, resulting in bit-accurate video decoding at up to 1.3 GBs per second – enough to handle 4K digital intermediates or 4K/6K camera raw files in real time.

Pixspan’s system is based on its bit-exact compression technology, where each image is compressed into a smaller data file, while retaining all the information from the original image. All images are encoded and decoded bit-for-bit exact, allowing unlimited compress/decompress cycles with no loss of quality.

“Pixspan’s software combined with the processing power of the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 creates an incredibly fast 4K workflow solution for those working with full-resolution images in a true real-time imaging chain, regardless of their physical location,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “This brings the benefits of GPU processing to an entirely new market for storage and networking.”

“Pixspan software works across the entire imaging chain, from on set through post and final assets,” said Michael Rowny, CEO of Pixspan. “We will be demonstrating how the tremendous processing power of the Quadro M6000 can be put to new uses in imaging storage and networking, which saves time in today’s world of increasing resolutions and tight deadlines.”

EMC is demonstrating a complete 4K workflow that includes Pixspan, NVIDIA and Aspera. With EMC’s Isilon Scale-Out NAS for storage, Pixspan’s software will be used for 4K video playout in real time via an NVIDIA Quadro M6000 with an HP Z840 workstation.

“EMC, NVIDIA and HP provide off-the-shelf equipment components that are in wide use today, making the integration of Pixspan’s software easily accessible to studios, post facilities, and end users across content creation, storage, and transmission segments of the industry,” added Rowny.

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