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Poetica Launches a Collective of Artists and Filmmakers


From left: Steve Tozzi, Anthony Furlong and Bob Cagliero.
Bob Cagliero announced the launch of Poetica – a new hybrid studio focusing on live action-through-post content creation. Based in New York with an office in L.A., Poetica will create live-action, VFX, 3D, 2D and design for commercials, music videos, short form content, installations and the web.

The team will be comprised of creative and directorial talent led by director Anthony Furlong, photographer/director Brian Cross and creative director Steve Tozzi. Tozzi will head Poetica’s VFX, 3D, 2D and design efforts, with the support of senior VFX artist Aaron Vasquez (with whom Tozzi worked previously during a stint at Click 3X), director of CGI John Clausing and senior VFX artist David Elkins. Furlong’s prior company affiliations include 1stAveMachine, Brand New School, Stink and Motion Theory, while Cross has made a name for himself as a music photographer over the past 20 years.

“Poetica arrives as an immediate force within the fray of hybrid studios that are redefining the modern content creation process,” said managing director Cagliero. “We’ve created a 360 environment for our creatives to play in, pairing talented directors with some of the top design and effects artists in the industry. Poetica’s artists, their rich heritage and award-winning work, enable us to bring a high-end mix of collaborative talent to any project.”

The facility features six Flame bays, two Smokes and a full design and 3D VFX department. The studio’s collective credits include work for brands such as Acura, Chase, L’Oreal, Hershey’s, Nokia and Mercedes-Benz.

“Every artist and director wants a home where their work can flourish without compromise,” said Furlong. “With Poetica, we have created a haven for creativity – a safe space where artists of all types can come together and find the freedom to take risks – leading to work that is authentic, memorable and emotionally engaging. I’m thrilled to set off on this journey with such a talented team.”

“The ideology of the ‘artists collective’ is the new model for this industry, one to which I am fully committed,” said Tozzi. “It represents an openness to sharing ideas fluidly between us all, and I think that is what inspired the creation of Poetica.”

The studio recently finished spots for as well as a live-action, effects-heavy spot for Smucker’s.

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