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Phosphene Partners with HBO for New Season of Boardwalk Empire


Phosphene created a Curtiss JN-4 airplane flying over Kelly Macdonald’s character Margaret, as she stands on the beach.

Design and visual effects house, Phosphene announced that it will continue its longstanding collaboration with HBO through season 3 of Boardwalk Empire created by Terence Winter with executive producer Martin Scorsese.

“Phosphene, as always, brought a lot to the party and I am delighted to have them as partners on my first season at Boardwalk Empire,” HBO VFX supervisor, Lesley Robson-Foster said.

For HBO, the season 3 VFX team is helmed by Robson-Foster and VFX producer Parker Chehak. “Because Lesley and Parker understand the process so well, shots are always thought out and planned with precision, which means we can dedicate all of our time to making them as beautiful as possible,” Phosphene partner and VFX supervisor John Bair explained.

“Once again, HBO has provided us with the amazing opportunity to jump into the incredibly compelling visual world of the early 20th Century, first with Mildred Pierce and now with Boardwalk Empire,” Phosphene partner/VFX executive producer, Vivian Connolly said.

Phosphene relies on Nuke, 3ds Max with V-ray, Adobe Creative Suite, and PCs running Windows 7 64-bit for its VFX work on the project.

The Phosphene creative team, led by Bair and Connolly, included VFX producers Rebecca Dunn, Renuka Ballal and Lea Prainsack, lead 3D artist Vance Miller, lead digital artists Eddie Porter, Aaron Raff and Tim Van Horn, and digital artists Connie Conrad, Luciano DiGeronimo, Greg Radcliffe, Scott Winston.

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