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Producers Delivers New Spot for Under Armour


Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton stars in this new Under Armour spot.
Producers, (a Maryland-based film, video, audio and 3D-graphics production company), recently teamed with sports apparel manufacturer Under Armour for a national TV campaign promoting the company’s new line of football cleats.

The spot stars Carolina Panthers‘ quarterback Cam Newton and was filmed at the Panthers stadium. The TV ad also features popular performer and DJ Araabmuzik. The majority of his scenes were shot on a specially constructed set, which replicated a broadcast booth. The commercial was filmed using two RED EPICs and the Phantom Flex digital cinema camera at frame rates up to 1,000 fps.

Producers’ president Rip Lambert directed the spot, while executive producer Ross Jones pulled together nearly 50 crewmembers in Charlotte for two successive night shoots. “We started at 6 p.m. and went until 7 a.m. the next morning,” said Jones, “And we did that for two nights in a row.”

“This was a high energy spot,” said Lambert. “With the all-nighters and working in a large stadium venue you can imagine what it took to get the job done. The crew we had in North Carolina, the UA team, as well as Cam Newton and DJ Araabmuzik, all did an excellent job of keeping the energy going, and I think the spot reflects that.”

The music was composed by DJ Araabmuzik in-studio at Producers’ multi-suite audio facility. Music producer and sound designer Brett Belcastro teamed with UA creative director Brian Boring and Producers’ audio mixer Mike Brilhart for both the original recording session and the final mix of the soundtrack.

Editorial was a collaborative effort between UA’s editor Justin Beckenheimer and Producers’ senior editor Dave Hudson. Color grading was done at Nice Shoes in New York. Producers’ motion graphics designer Chris Abolt performed all the compositing and rotoscoping seen in the spot.

The spot airs nationally on MTV, ESPN and NFL Network.

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