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Quantel Intros Stereo3D Toolset


Automated correction and sophisticated monitoring can save time in the creative suite.
Quantel demonstrated new Stereo3D tools for its post and broadcast products at NAB that will help speed stereo3D work through the suite by cutting the time spent identifying and fixing errors in stereo 3D shots. The company is now offering the new Stereo3D toolset as a standard feature on all V5 eQ, iQ and Pablo systems.

Geometry errors between the left and right eye images are almost inevitable with the use of two cameras when capturing stereo 3D. Fixing these errors is essential for high-quality stereo, but undertaking this manually can be a very time-consuming process. The new Geofix tool automates the process, making geometry fixes fast and accurate. Geofix first analyzes the two images then applies translation, rotation and corner-pin DVE processes to correct errors. The result is less time spent on fixing stereo 3D material.

A new Stereo Measurement Console adds a suite of tools that makes monitoring and working with stereo 3D faster and more productive. The console includes live on-screen histogram and vectorscope displays to help identify differences between eyes. The console also includes a measurement tool for disparity, which makes it easier to meet the typical specifications being introduced for 3D channel content by broadcasters. There is also a new overlay and cursors on the main outputs, making it straightforward to see exactly where objects sit in 3D space.

Flip on file import or conform is another useful new time-saving tool that allows signals to be flipped or inverted on import/conform. This means that images captured with mirror rigs do not need further correction before they can be viewed in stereo.

The Stereo3D Auto Color Balance tool has been improved with gamma adjustment to deliver a better match between left and right eye signals.

“Making great Stereo3D depends on getting the basics right quickly and efficiently,” said Steve Owen, Quantel’s director of marketing. “The new Stereo3D tools help do just that, so that more time can be spent on creative tasks. We have already had some great feedback from early users of some of these new tools.”

Geofix has already been released and the remainder of the tools will be delivered in a v.5 software release in May.

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