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Quantel Launches Genetic Engineering 2


Quantel announced the launch of Genetic Engineering 2. GE2 is Quantel’s second-generation shared storage system for postproduction, which is designed to boost performance and productivity for Quantel Pablo Rio color and finishing system users.

GE2 enables instant sharing of high-resolution jobs between suites giving users the flexibility to move jobs at a moment’s notice. Each GE2 connected Pablo Rio has guaranteed real-time performance, whatever the other suites are doing – even at 4K. The system allows multiple suites to work together on tight-deadline jobs and enables more suites to get involved when a job suddenly needs more resources.

Up to four Pablo Rio systems can share the same GenePool storage with GE2. Third-party systems can read and write to GenePool storage via the GenePool Gateway. Pablo PA also connects to the GenePool Gateway to handle back-office tasks, ensuring that the frontline Pablo Rio systems spend the maximum time on client-facing work.

GE2 systems can be configured to meet an individual facility’s workflow requirements. For example, the GenePool shared storage can range from 18TB to support a two-suite HD production requirement, to almost 400TB, which is more than enough for even multiple simultaneous 4K or 6K Red Dragon jobs.

“The number one issue facing post houses today is workflow, and Genetic Engineering 2 delivers the kind of flexibility and productivity they need to compete in a market where clients demand quality and speed in equal measure,” said Quantel sales director, Martin Mulligan.

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