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Robin Melhuish Joins Digital Vision as Sales Manager for the Americas


Robin - 2010

Robin Melhuish
Robin Melhuish

Digital Vision announced that Robin Melhuish has joined the company as sales director, Americas. He will be based in Digital Vision’s Los Angeles office, responsible for working with restoration, postproduction and broadcast clients in the Americas.

Prior to Digital Vision, Melhuish worked in a number of key positions at SAN Solutions, Wohler Technologies, Reliance MediaWorks and Lowry Digital. His career has taken him to postings in Europe, Africa and India, as well as the U.S. After graduating from Oxford University, he began his career as a cinematographer, working on a number of major studio projects as well as television and independent films.

“Robin brings a breadth of experience to our customers and our operations that is unique,” said Digital Vision president Kelvin Bolah. “He has been an integral part of key companies in the industry, including Reliance MediaWorks and Lowry Digital, where he has worked closely on important technologies in critical markets. It goes without saying that his training as a cinematographer is a crucial advantage when working with our clients’ images.”

Melhuish’s experiences also include the set-up of one of the world’s largest digital film restoration facilities in Mumbai, India, and working with emerging storage technologies. Melhuish joins Brian Beard, in the Los Angeles office. Beard joined Digital Vision in 2013.

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