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Sohonet Hires Phaedra Pardue


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Phaedra Pardue
Phaedra Pardue

Sohonet has appointed Phaedra Pardue as sales executive for North America. In her new role, she will help expand Sohonet’s footprint, particularly across the Western U.S.

Pardue has worked in the data industry for more than 15 years. Her career started in front of the camera as a spokesperson for many high-tech companies, and transitioned into business development and sales of complex technological system. She has worked with a number of technical teams to architect, build and deploy a variety of voice, data, video and content systems for enterprises and media organizations, such as Fox Entertainment Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aerospace Corporation.

“Phaedra is an accomplished IT sales executive and business strategist with extensive knowledge of the media entertainment industry,” said Dave Scammell, CEO of Sohonet. “She also has a solid understanding of new technologies – such as cloud services and 4K – and this makes her a real asset to communicate the benefits of a range of new, flexible services that Sohonet will be launching to help media and entertainment companies meet the increasing challenges of a demanding digital world.”

“This is a very exciting time to be joining the Sohonet team,” Pardue said. “Media companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based offerings to take advantage of innovative solutions that enhance the creative process quickly and effectively, and Sohonet’s new services will facilitate greater access to these in a highly flexible and cost-effective way.”

Pardue is a global ambassador for Innovating Women, supporting women’s participation in innovation, science and technology. She has recently co-written a book, entitled Innovation Women: Past, Present and Future, which details research, stories and perspectives regarding women’s participation in the innovation economy.

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