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Sohonet Launches Dedicated Storage Service for the Media and Entertainment Industries


Sohonet announced the launch of Sohonet Media Storage, a private cloud storage platform tuned and optimized for the media sector, accessed via its Sohonet Media Network. Sohonet Media Storage is a secure storage system that provides supplementary storage capability to existing infrastructures when local storage has reached critical or maximum use. The service has a variety of price plans to suit various project sizes.

“As digital workloads rapidly increase, the demands made on media companies’ IT infrastructure, especially at peak times, is often unsustainable,” explained Ben Dair, Sohonet’s director of product management. “Media companies and service providers are crying out for a short term, flexible storage service that enables them to expand and extend storage capability on production or postproduction projects quickly, easily and without having to purchase and maintain assets. Sohonet Media Storage has been developed to respond to this need by providing flexible, affordable access to short- and long-term archiving, back-up and parking, as well as a viable option for intermediate storage or as an alternative to LTO or portable disks.”

Sohonet Media Storage is embedded within the Sohonet Media Network, which ensures that productions and postproduction companies can leverage the network’s connection speeds of up to 10 Gbps, with no data transfer charges in or out, nor bandwidth limitations on transfer speeds. The system is built on Open Stack technology, with the embedded redundancy.

The service provides customers with anywhere from one Terabyte to multiple Petabytes of storage, and provides intuitive tools to allow customers to scale their provision up or down, as required.

“We understand exactly what our media customers need to help them meet the many challenges of a demanding digital world, and we are extending our expertise beyond the network, to include a range of specialist, media-aware offerings, on an infrastructure-as-a-service basis,” explained Damien Carroll, chief operating officer, Sohonet. “Our latest service, Sohonet Media Storage promises to take the headache out of storage procurement on both a short- and long-term basis for new and existing members of our Sohonet Media Network.”

Sohonet Media Storage is suitable for parking, short-term archive, long-term archive, in-production remote storage, transition storage between ingest and postproduction, shadow storage and the replacement of portable media.

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