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Sony PCL Purchases Pablo Rio 8K


LR-products_pablo_rio_8k_727px_f4Tokyo-based Sony PCL has placed an order with Quantel for a Pablo Rio 8K editing, color correction and finishing system. The Pablo Rio 8K will be the backbone of Sony PCL’s 8K post pipeline when the company launches its 8K production service from its Creation Center in August. Sony PCL will also move its existing Pablo Rio 4K HFR system into a new suite alongside the Pablo Rio 8K.

Sony PCL handles event and video production. The company already has extensive experience with 4K productions, offering clients a complete production package from production planning, shooting, editing, sound design and mixing to grading and delivery. Pablo Rio 8K’s real-time operation will enable the company to continue to offer its clients interactive finishing sessions at 8K, where full resolution imagery is reviewed and changes made in real time in the finishing suite.

“Sony PCL is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art productions for our customers. We are therefore always looking for highest quality, highest resolution video and audio solutions for large scale productions,” said Kunihiro Takeda, president of Sony PCL. “Pablo Rio 8K will take us to a whole new level, and its ability to handle multiple resolutions on the same timeline will further increase our creative options. We are looking forward to further development of the system by Quantel over the coming months that will enable us deliver even more immersive experiences for our customers.”

“Sony PCL’s purchase of Pablo Rio 8K shows the potential of this exciting new format,” said Tim Thorsteinson, Quantel and Snell CEO. “8K opens up new creative possibilities on even the biggest stages as well as delivering superlative images for viewers in fixed environments.”

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